Wisconsin National Forest Land (Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest)

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1. Within the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest boundary there are:
    Federally Managed Areas
    State Managed Areas
    Private Land Ownership

2. Hunting regulations on National Forest lands are the same as hunting on other public lands.

3. Portable stands are allowed on National Forest lands and must be capable of being removed or taken down each night after the hunt. Permanent stands, anything nailed, bolted, or otherwise attached in such a way as to do damage are prohibited. Screw-in steps are not allowed. Stands used by hunters can be left in the woods until the last day of the season. After the end of December, any stands left on National Forest land will be considered abandoned and removed from the forest.

4. The excessive cutting (any tree over an inch in diameter) of shooting lanes is prohibited.

5. Hunting is permitted on National Forest lands unless otherwise posted. Hunting is not allowed in campgrounds or other developed recreation sites such as boat launches/landings, picnic areas, etc.

6. Read more about the National Forest in Wisconsin at the USDA Forest Service site.

7. The picture on the right shows the complex pattern of public/private land within the C-N National Forest Boundary (Forest County near Popple River, WI).

Text Copyright USFS. Imagery Copyright 2009 Google.