Wisconsin Managed Forest Law Hunting Land

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MANAGED FOREST LAW - 1.13 Million Acres in "Open"

1. Two options for owners enrolling in Wisconsins Managed Forest Law (MFL) Program: "Open" and "Closed" designation.

2. On open land, permit public access for hunting, fishing, cross-country skiing, sight-seeing, and hiking.

3. At least 10 acres of contiguous forest land located in the same municipality.

4. At least 80 percent of the land must have a minimum productive capacity of 20 cubic feet of timber per acres in a year.

5. Owner pays $0.83/acre annually if enrolled before 2004, $1.46/acre if enrolled after 2004.

6. If the terms of the contract are violated or land is withdrawn from the MFL program, the landowner is liable to pay a severe penalty.

7. Read more about Wisconsin Managed Forest Law hunting land at Wisconsin DNR site.

8. The picture on the right is a close up of approximately 230 acres of Wisconsin Managed Forest Law (MFL) hunting land in Burnett County.

Imagery Copyright 2009 Google, 2009 TerraMetrics and captured from Google Earth.