Before you head to your stands, email the GPS locations to somebody.

1. Drag the red marker near the place you want to get GPS location for, or enter an address or place.

2. Zoom in closer by clicking the '+' button. Keep the red marker on the screen.

3. After you have zoomed in, click "Hybrid" to overlay satellite imagery.

4. Move marker to exact location of your spot/place, and click 'eMail GPS Coordinates' button.

5. Enter the email address of your emergency contacts and enter a brief description of about where you are.

6. The email only works if you have a default email clinet installed (like MS Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird).

7. Need help? View a Demonstration

Using this GPS Location Finder tool is great if your dont have a Garmin or Magellan GPS or other GPS receivers. I use it for my hunting tree stand locations, and my remote Canada camping locations. The other great thing about this tool is that if you are in an area where the satellite imagery is good, then you can probably get very accurate GPS coordinates. Even if you own a GPS receiver, but are hunting in a heavily wooded area, your handheld GPS might have very limited "visibility" to the GPS satellites.