2014 MFL & FCL Almost Ready!

September 15, 2014 - The Managed Forest Law and Forest Crop Law land map files for Google Earth™ mapping service are being updated with the latest 2014 data! The National Forests, County Forests, DNR Managed land, and more will be updated soon. The new data will download from our servers and your maps will be updated automatically, when they are released. Learn more about our online hunting maps for Google Earth™ click here.

More Land to Hunt

Our 2014 dataset includes Federal Waterfowl Production Areas and Stewardship Land acquisitions. Thousands and thousands of more acres to find. Remember to download these from the Members Area since they are statewide and not included with the regional data.

Faster and Better

Our 2014 dataset is faster loading then in previous years. Also, most of the parcels are "clickable" and pop-up a balloon with more useful information.

Better Satellite Imagery!

Google is periodically updating its imagery of much of Wisconsin. The imagery is much clearer and tree level viewing is possible over much of the state. See a sample of our hunting land data in Google Maps™.

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