See more than 6 Million acres available to hunt at once... or fly down and get a closer look!

2014 MFL & FCL Almost Ready!

September 15, 2014 - The Managed Forest Law and Forest Crop Law land map files for Google Earth™ mapping service are being updated with the latest 2014 data! The National Forests, County Forests, DNR Managed land, and more will be updated soon. The new data will download from our servers and your maps will be updated automatically, when they are released. Learn more about our online hunting maps for Google Earth™ click here.

More Land to Hunt

Our 2014 dataset includes Federal Waterfowl Production Areas and Stewardship Land acquisitions. Thousands and thousands of more acres to find. Remember to download these from the Members Area since they are statewide and not included with the regional data.

Faster and Better

Our 2014 dataset is faster loading then in previous years. Also, most of the parcels are "clickable" and pop-up a balloon with more useful information.

Better Satellite Imagery!

Google is periodically updating its imagery of much of Wisconsin. The imagery is much clearer and tree level viewing is possible over much of the state. See a sample of our hunting land data in Google Maps™.

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What was WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING NEW MEMBERS. is the ONLY place you will find Google Earth/Maps compatible digital map files of almost ALL of Wisconsin's public and private land open for hunting in one place. Map files to 99% of the land that you can legally hunt are just a few clicks away.

We started in 2007 because we were frustrated with the lack of maps available online. We were able to find the WDNR Public Hunting Grounds online but the user interface was hard to use. The National Forest maps at the forest service site are low resolution, and only some counties had maps of their forests online, but the user interface was also hard to use. Worst of all, maps to over 1.3 million acres of private lands in the Managed Forest Law and Forest Crop Law programs weren't available online. We decided to make our map files compatible with the free Google Earth software, because the user interface was so much nicer and you can create and store your own placemarks (treestand location, deer trails, etc). Read more about why is so unique.

Here are the types of lands and acreage you'll get digital maps of:

  • Forest Crop Law Land - 195,162 Acres
  • Managed Forest Law Land - 1.13 Million Acres
  • County Forests - 2.36 Million Acres
  • National Forests - 1.5 Million Acres
  • DNR Managed Lands - 1.2 Million Acres
  • Federal Waterfowl Production Areas - 21,266 Acres
  • BCPL School Trust Lands (Coming soon!) - 80,000 Acres
  • Stewardship Land Acquisitions (Caution - some restrict hunting)

Color coded hunting land overlayed on satellite imagery with instant GPS Coordinates... You can only find it all here! For less than the cost of gas for one scouting trip, you can take advantage of the countless of hours of work we have already done to map and consolidate these huntable lands in a format that is quick and easy to use. Print maps at any zoom level that include the color coded land types and placemarks that you can add.

Over 6,000,000 acres are waiting...Become a member now

If you're not convinced that is the greatest hunting innovation to come along since the tree stand, see what our maps look like in Google Maps Sample and View a Demo Video

Before you can view the online hunting map data, you are going to need two things: Google Earth installed on your computer and a paid membership. All our GE files are located in the Members Only area. Our maps are viewable with Google Earth™ If you don't have Google Earth™ yet, get if free by clicking the link below.

Download Google Earth Free Download Google Earth Free!

After you download your free Google Earth™ come back here and click on the sample below. It will open in Google Earth™ and you can see some of Wisconsin's hunting lands. If it doesn't launch GE, save it to your computer (right click -> Save Link As -> Save) and double click on it there.

Sawyer County Hunting Land Sawyer County Wisconsin Hunting Land Map

So whenever you see this icon: Google Earth™ File or this map WI Regions Clicking on it will open Google Earth™ mapping service and display the specific hunting areas.

Our Mission at is:

  1. To provide our members with the most complete, accurate, and up to date digital maps of public hunting land.
  2. Create public hunting land and open private hunting land data in a user friendly format.
  3. To spread the word and increase public knowledge about all the hunting opportunities and public hunting land open for us all to use. We are very proud of the fact that is the only place where virtually all the public hunting land in Wisconsin can be downloaded instantly.
  4. To listen to our customers and continually improve our products and services.
  5. To provide new and innovative tools that make researching a hunting spot more enjoyable, and ultimately let our members spend more time hunting.